Papadzul, A traditional dish of Mexican food

Papadzul, A traditional dish of Mexican food

Within Mexican gastronomy we can find variants between the food that is prepared in the north of the country and that of the Southeast, this time we will talk about a typical Yucatan dish called “Papatzul”, whose name some define as the food of the master or dish of the lord (from the Mayan potato, food, and Ts’ul, master or knight) since only the upper class knights ate it. They are a mestizo dish, with clear Mayan influences.

The gastronomy of Yucatan is of Mayan heritage, and a characteristic of the typical food of the region is the use of the earth oven where different meats and poultry are cooked.

Another quality that distinguishes the typical food of Yucatan is the use of citrus fruits in its dishes that give a special taste to the marinades and the sauces used to season these dishes.

The “Papadzul” is a dish that consists of corn tortillas that are stuffed with boiled egg (like tacos) and bathed with a green sauce of pumpkin seeds and tomato sauce with habanero pepper. It is a traditional dish in the states of Yucatán, Campeche and Quintana Roo.

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To prepare them, it is necessary to have the pumpkin seed paste previously ready, this can be prepared by blending 4 tomatoes previously boiled with garlic, onion, epazote, pumpkin seeds and coriander. Later you must boil 8 eggs, let them cool and remove the shell from the cooked eggs and cut them into pieces.

For the sauce you must grind the tomato with the habanero pepper and strain it. To prepare the dish you must heat the tortillas on a comal with a light layer of oil, once hot the tortillas are passed through the sauce, filled with the chopped egg, and rolled, these are then bathed with the rest of the Pepita sauce and, finally, with the tomato or chiltomate sauce at the end you can decorate with a little pepita.

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