Resorts and beaches without sargassum in Mexico: Isla Mujeres and Bacalar

Resorts and beaches without sargassum in Mexico: Isla Mujeres and Bacalar

Experienced travelers visiting Mexico and its beaches, particularly Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum and other beaches around the Riviera Maya, know that these are the best destinations to enjoy a dream vacation; however, sargassum (algae on the beach) has become a frequent issue whenever a decision must be made as to which destination to visit; since many have been affected seasonally by this phenomenon caused among other things by climate change.

Here are our recommendations of the best options to enjoy your vacations in resorts & beaches without sargassum in Mexico:

Isla Mujeres

Resorts and beaches without sargassum in Mexico: Isla Mujeres and Bacalar

A mere 8 miles from the coast of Cancun you will find one of the most beautiful islands of the Mexican Caribbean: “Isla Mujeres”; a hugely popular magical town in Mexico due to its heavenly white sand and crystal clear waters.

In Isla Mujeres you will find an endless variety of activities that include discovering the island in a golf cart, snorkeling in the second largest and most beautiful reef in the world, visiting the underwater museum, enjoying the town and visiting Playa Norte. All of these activities are part of the experiences of this beautiful island, however, if you are looking for a grand place to enjoy sun and sand, Playa Norte is the place to be.

Playa Norte has been chosen by TripAdvisor´s Traveler’s Choice as one of the best beaches in the world; its white sand and perfect climate are just a few of the reasons why it is a destination that must be visited at least once in a lifetime.

Playa Norte is the perfect place to spend a day lounging in the sun or by the shade of a palm tree and enjoying a refreshing tropical drink. Its shallow waters and soft waves make it a natural pool where many boats anchor to enjoy the view and the ambiance. The beach is so wide you will never feel cramped but if what you are looking for is privacy you can also find hidden spots for that too.

Playa Norte is a completely sargassum free beach in Isla Mujeres that is also stunningly beautiful – don’t miss it!

The Grand King’s Pool

Resorts and beaches without sargassum in Mexico: Isla Mujeres and Bacalar

At Isla Mujeres you will also find a beach-side hidden paradise: a place known as The Grand King´s Pool, a natural pool located inside Mía Reef Resort Isla Mujeres. The Mía Reef is a sargassum free resort in Isla Mujeres, allowing you to enjoy its beautiful natural surroundings. If your goal is to enjoy a serene moment by the beach in harmony with nature, The Grand King’s Pool is the place to be; as you can relax with the sound of the waves in the stillness of a beautiful natural pool. In certain seasons you can also enjoy the unique scenery of hundreds of birds in flight covering the sky. There is no ifs or buts about it, if you visit Isla Mujeres, The Grand King´s Pool is the place to go.


Resorts and beaches without sargassum in Mexico: Isla Mujeres and Bacalar

In Mexico there are 121 Magical Towns and no doubt Bacalar is one of the most beautiful among them, due to its majestic 34-mile Lagoon. This beautiful multicolored lagoon is located in the south of Quintana Roo, in the municipality of Bacalar, around 21 miles north of the state capital, Chetumal.

Bacalar is charming due to the tranquility of its landscapes and the friendliness of its people, thus the kind of visitors that come to this wonderful destination; travelers looking for a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and relax.

If you have traveled to Quintana Roo to explore beautiful landscapes and crystal-clear waters, Bacalar is an ideal option only for its 7-color lagoon which gets its name thanks to the different shades of water due to the effects of light, vegetation and different levels of underwater-depth.

There is a great variety of resorts in Bacalar, but if what you are looking for is a glimpse of the good life and not just a place to sleep, Mía Bacalar is the place to stay; a boutique hotel in Bacalar in harmony with nature and right next to the lagoon. Mía Bacalar is not just another hotel, it is an experience of natural luxury and supreme comfort boasting the unique architecture of Mexican details with a touch of classical yet trend setting design.

Mía Bacalar is a sargassum free resort in Bacalar where you can relax in your own private jacuzzi or bask in the swings of the blue lagoon, go kayaking and enjoy that incredible adventure you have been seeking, besides relishing the delicious avant-garde cuisine with the beautiful sunset as your companion; all great experiences you will never forget.