Mía Bacalar: the most ecologically sustainable hotel in Bacalar

Mía Bacalar: the most ecologically sustainable hotel in Bacalar

Being Eco sustainable is to exist and operate reducing our impact in our planet and leaving a positive footprint wherever we tread. The planet would not need our help if modernity had not taken over and from the very beginning human beings had thought about every step taken being light and friendly  to other human beings and to the environment. Today the definition of being sustainable is taking steps to satisfy our needs without compromising the capacity of the future generations to satisfy their own. Learn more about this sustainable hotel in Bacalar.

 With low environmental impact,  being  respectful with everyone and everything that surrounds us, thinking and acting in favor of the integrity  of our natural resources is how we are eco-sustainable, eco-friendly, green , the name is really the least important, as long as our actions are the correct ones.home-room.webp

In a hotel that exists and operates right next to the vibrant and captivating nature, in a place that is proud of its natural wealth, we could do no less than take firm steps toward a harmonic rapport with the birds that wake us each morning, the rays of the sun, the breeze that refreshes the place where we work and live, taking care of our water and looking for the best ways to improve the use of energy.

At Mía Bacalar the promise we make to our planet is to tread lightly and be tender and careful with everything this earth has given us, thus energy use is regulated and kept at a minimum by using intelligent systems with which, through an electronic card, our guests can control the electricity in their rooms.home-room-2.webp

The water at the hotel is recycled and treated, it passes directly through the filtering system of the wetlands and is used to irrigate the beautiful gardens that surround the rooms of the hotel. This should not mean we should forget to  turn off the water  or waste it with no rhyme or reason but we now know the one we do use will applied for the keep up or improvement of our surroundings.

Organic waste is also treated for composting to be used as fertilizer for the grass.bacalar-restaurant.webp

Aromatic herbs grow at the chef’s orchard which he uses to make the dishes served to our visitors, and the idea is for it to grow. The farm to table movement aims to use locally sourced and farm fresh products without chemicals for the good of our planet and the wellbeing of diners and that is what we strive for.

I hope I have told you enough good reasons why Mía Bacalar is really a refuge for those looking for a little space where gratitude is shown to nature for all its gifts with positive actions in its favor.