Top 10 Isla Mujeres Souvenirs

Top 10 Isla Mujeres Souvenirs

Mexico is full of wonders in every corner so it wouldn’t be fair if the only memoir you get to take back with you is a small keychain or a refrigerator magnet. That’s why we made a list of 10 Isla Mujeres souvenirs that you must get to take a little bit of Mexico with you. Enjoy!

10.- Clay works

Top 10 Isla Mujeres Souvenirs

Clay works – Isla Mujeres Souvenirs

You must be careful when wrapping them up and pack, but an actual clay work from Mexican craftsman works as a wonderful decoration and doesn’t only remind you of Mexico but of the local’s craftsmen that carefully handmade work on a beautiful souvenir.

9.- Typical clothes

Top 10 Isla Mujeres Souvenirs

Typical clothes – Isla Mujeres Souvenirs

Mexican tradition is always so colorful and beautiful, and so it is for the clothes that are also usually handmade by local people that guarantee amazing designs and quality.

8.- Traditional candy

Top 10 Isla Mujeres Souvenirs

Mexican Candy – Isla Mujeres Souvenirs

Mexico’s gastronomy is qualified as one of the richest in the world. Traditional candy is really different from anything you’ve ever tasted, and have the Mexican trademark of authenticity and deliciousness.

7.- Pre Hispanic craftsman works

Top 10 Isla Mujeres Souvenirs

Pre Hispanic craftsman works- Isla Mujeres Souvenirs

A cultural background of mystery surrounds the amazing works in honor of Mayan, Aztec and other cultures that inhabited Mexico in prehispanic times, and offer deep meanings and wonders in their works.

6.- Coffee

Top 10 Isla Mujeres Souvenirs

Coffee – Isla Mujeres Souvenirs

World famous coffee. Another specialty of Mexico, one of the top producers of this magical bean. Look for “Café de Chiapas” (Chiapas’ coffee) as this state is probably the best producer in Mexico.

5.- Talavera

Top 10 Isla Mujeres Souvenirs

Talavera- Isla Mujeres Souvenirs

Talavera is a traditional work of clay that uses a special technique to give it a colorful and shiny finish. Beautiful works can be found mostly from the state of Puebla.

4.- Habanero

Top 10 Isla Mujeres Souvenirs

Habanero – Isla Mujeres Souvenirs

If you’re coming to Mexico, you already know we love our salsas and chiles and Habanero has to be a favorite between our culture. Watch out, it’s really spicy.

3.- Leatherworks

Top 10 Isla Mujeres Souvenirs

Leatherworks – Isla Mujeres Souvenirs

A good leather finish guarantees quality for a lifetime, and Mexican leather is famous for its carefully made products and great quality, especially from the state of Guanajuato.

2.- Tequila or Mezcal

Top 10 Isla Mujeres Souvenirs

Mezcal – Isla Mujeres Souvenirs

Both are Agave distillers. Part of Mexican tradition and history, and of course famous all over the world. Enjoy responsibly with lemon and salt.

1.- Hammock

Top 10 Isla Mujeres Souvenirs

Hammocks – Isla Mujeres Souvenirs

The hammock is not only an instrument of relaxation but of cultural value and part of the history for many families in the Yucatan peninsula. These hammocks are incredibly colorful and beautifully handmade. In some places, you’ll be able to see how craftsmen work their hammocks in a mesmerizing process of care and design.